the product

Introduce Adeptmind smart search. We help your search engines understand customers the way in-store employees do, in order to connect people to the products they are looking to buy—faster and better.

Smart Search
Smart Filters
Relevant Products

how it works

Customer service agents that walk brick and mortar stores get ~30% conversion. Why don’t we bring these agents online? Let your online store be 100% accurate today.

Your CS agents

No machine is 100% accurate (yet). However, our deep learning engine is unique. It is self-aware. When it can’t answer a request, it could seek help from your customer service agents.

Our services

Our servers can work together with or separately from your servers. Minimally, by understanding your inventory, we give you a much improved search experience. No difficult integrations.

your site/app

We understand your website / app and know how to help you imporve your search experience

The Benefits

Our technology is sophisticated, but the goal is simple - make your customers happy by quickly connecting them to the products they are looking to buy.

100% Accurate Search

"Non-pink dress good for prom" or "handsaw good for glass crystal". Any query works.

Reduce Churn

Frustration free navigation experience. Many years of Silicon Valley has proven good user experience is key.

Easy Integration

Give us your inventory and maybe your search history, we give you a better search. It's that simple.

Continuously Learning

Our engine automatically scrapes user opinions and sentiments daily. We adjust our search rankings according to whatever is popular.

Improved Discoverability

You spent all these efforts stocking cool products. Your customers need to be able to find them.

Self Adapting Metadata

No more meticulously hand labeling metadata DBs. Deep Learning does that almost automatically.

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