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Adeptmind is an intelligent engine for online retailers that lets customers search the way they think, resulting in 100% accuracy and better customer experience.

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Turn shoppers into buyers

Our platform helps online retailers bridge the gap between online and offline conversion rates. Bad search means a bad customer experience. Our technology uses deep learning and natural language processing to eliminate the “no results found” problem and show your customers what they want when they want it. Our results speak for themselves. No fancy jargon, just 100% accuracy every time.

What Adeptmind does for you


Psychographic personalization adds an almost psychic layer to our already human-like interactive experience. It classifies customers into behavioral buckets and makes recommendations accordingly.

100% Accuracy

Deep learning technology lets customers search the way they would talk to a sales associate. Skip brittle keywords – customers get what they’re looking for no matter what.


We pull in location-specific insight so that search results and answers provided are tailored specifically to each customer, wherever they are.

Easy integration

Our out of the box technology means little to no set up on the back end

A new era in online shopping

Bringing shopping online made it more convenient, but e-commerce still doesn’t compare with an in-person customer experience.


Why? The technology was not sophisticated enough to compete with a real salesperson’s contextual insight and expertise. Keyword-based results and irrelevant filters serve up bad results and miss inventory altogether.


Until now. Deep learning is transforming every industry it touches, and we’re using it to bring a new approach to online shopping. Smart, intuitive search powered by cutting edge machine learning.

About us

After years of research in deep learning and retail, search was an area of the online experience that we continuously found wasn’t good enough. When efforts to find a simple item brought up “no results found” again and again, we got to thinking there must be a better way to find people what they want.


Luckily, we’re in a new era of technology. Advances in deep learning and natural language processing mean we no longer have to suffer the tyranny of “no results found.” We can capture context, understand semantic complexity at scale, and keep improving.


We believe search should be intuitive and intelligent, rather than a barrier for online stores and customers. We have the tools. Let’s make it happen.


We’re always looking for good people. If you’re a Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Research Scientist, or an intern of any kind, reach out!


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