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AI search - Better than your in store sales team!

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AI Search

AI search

Adeptmind search technology is infused with artificial intelligence to give customers personalized search results.

Key Platform Support

Key Platform Support

Adeptmind supports all major platforms from Shopify to PrestaShop. API connectors for any other popular platforms are also available at your convenience.

Powerful AI Technology

Customer search trends

Using the latest product trends and search results from your customers, Adeptmind uses advanced AI to understand how customers search on your store.

Easy to install

Effortless search

Our AI technology is easy to use - we've built customizable search technology of your store products to take it to the next level.

Compare search results

Adeptmind's AI search technology revolutionizes the search experience for your customers by showing the most relevant products.

Adept Search technology for ecommerce platforms

You are one click away from having the most advanced search technology on your site.

Smart Autocomplete
Smart autocomplete
Don’t have the time to type the whole word in the search box? This smart feature gives you the option of completing words that best match your customer’s intentions when they are typing in the search bar.
Intelligent filters
Ready to customize your site and let your customers refine their searches? Adeptmind’s intelligent filters can be tailored to every single search to help them find a perfect match.
Intelligent Filters
Reinvented Product Pages
Reinvented product page
Want to customize your product page in a brand new way and promote the most relevant products? This feature allows your customers to feel more satisfied with the search results in a matter of a few clicks.

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What our customers have to say

Imperial Motion
5 Star rating
"Installing Adeptmind was simple and has added a lot of functionality that was missing from our previous search setup. Working with the Adeptmind team has been awesome they are quick to respond and have listened to all of our feedback."
Anthony Morgan
Ecommerce Marketing and Web Development at Imperal motion
5 Star rating
"We can better understand customers’ wants to connect shoppers to the right product faster."
Tony Leon
Chief Technology Officer at Decathlon USA
Kol Kid
5 Star rating
"Adeptmind has been a game changer for us. It gave our customers an opportunity to search our site with more queries to find the items they are looking for! With this app we have the framework to grow our online presence"
Lisa Miyasaki
CEO of Kol Kid Inc.
About Us

After years of research in deep learning and retail, search was an area of the online experience that we continuously found wasn’t good enough. When efforts to find a simple item brought up “no results found” again and again, we started thinking there must be a better way to find people what they want.

Luckily, we’re in a new era of technology. Advances in deep learning and natural language processing mean we no longer have to suffer the tyranny of “no results found.” We can capture context, understand semantic complexity at scale and keep improving.

We believe search should be intuitive and intelligent, rather than a barrier for online stores and customers. We have the tools. Let’s make it happen.

About Adeptmind