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Imperial Motion
"Installing Adeptmind was simple and has added a lot of functionality that was missing from our previous search setup. Working with the Adeptmind team has been awesome they are quick to respond and have listened to all of our feedback."
Anthonyn Morgan
Ecommerce Marketing & Web Development

Decathlon USA
"We can better understand customers’ wants to connect shoppers to the right product faster."
Tony Leon
Chief Technology Officer at Decathlon USA

Kol Kid Inc.
"Adeptmind has been a game changer for us. It gave our customers an opportunity to search our site with more queries to find the items they are looking for! With this app we have the framework to grow our online presence."
Lisa Miyasaki
Chief Executive Officer at Kol Kid Inc.
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Our Results
Client: Italian Barber

Our strategies benefited our client by generating a favourable return on investment in only three weeks.

"I was skeptical off the top, but to see orders directly attributable to Adeptmind’s ad campaigns, concrete data to show an increase in conversion through ad spend, and the feeling of confidence that the process focuses mainly on acquiring and converting new traffic, gives me a very positive outlook on Adeptmind’s workflow and future results."

Michael Iuorio
Founder & CEO, Italian Barber

3.9 X

AI Smart Shopping ROI

Influence buying decisions with shopping campaigns.

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9 %

Increased Traffic

Expand your reach to customers in untapped markets.

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4.1 X

AI Retargeting ROI

Re-engage visitors and strengthen customer loyalty.

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